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Well, we are *officially* in our final months. I am sad and happy. Sad to leave my friends I’ve made while on this assignment behind, but happy to be done with recruiting.

You may notice some changes to the blog. I am in the process of taking everything down. I have a project I’m working on and am hoping to get a lot of my unpublished content up now that we are on our way out and I am done with FRG stuff and work on organization of everything. I feel bad that I didn’t publish a lot of what I wrote as we got into our second year and definitely with our third year, but so much happened I felt like I couldn’t post what was going on. I lost my anonymity and I really think it stifled my need to put it all out there.  There are some bloggers out there that put it all out, the good, the bad, and the ugly while living it. Sadly, I am not that brave considering the isolation and vulnerability that is USAREC.

 But, that is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! I feel FREE and am ready to POST and tell it like it is…..almost, some things will be posted AFTER we sign out!! LOL!!

I plan on keeping some of the basics up – like PCS and recruiting school stuff – at least until I can re-organize.


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