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Final Countdown

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Well, we are *officially* in our final months. I am sad and happy. Sad to leave my friends I’ve made while on this assignment behind, but happy to be done with recruiting.

You may notice some changes to the blog. I am in the process of taking everything down. I have a project I’m working on and am hoping to get a lot of my unpublished content up now that we are on our way out and I am done with FRG stuff and work on organization of everything. I feel bad that I didn’t publish a lot of what I wrote as we got into our second year and definitely with our third year, but so much happened I felt like I couldn’t post what was going on. I lost my anonymity and I really think it stifled my need to put it all out there.  There are some bloggers out there that put it all out, the good, the bad, and the ugly while living it. Sadly, I am not that brave considering the isolation and vulnerability that is USAREC.

 But, that is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! I feel FREE and am ready to POST and tell it like it is…..almost, some things will be posted AFTER we sign out!! LOL!!

I plan on keeping some of the basics up – like PCS and recruiting school stuff – at least until I can re-organize.


7 Responses to "Final Countdown"

I am also an Army recruiters wife and have been through the ringer of bad situations with USAREC. Not me per say but my husband. Can’t wait to read what you post

Hi, my fiance is about to go to recruiting school and I’ve been researching what to expect from a wife’s perspective. I know it’s going to be stressful but it’s worth it in my eyes because we will finally be together since we were long distance. Just by these few comments I’m a little scared so I’m VERY anxious to hear about anything you’ve experienced from where I’ve been to where you are. I would love to hear more from you! Thanks!

Hello! I look forward to hear what the life of a recruiters wife is, or just what the recruiting life is. My husband will be headed for his in a few months and I’m anxious to see how it is, and if its really as bad as some say. Thanks for reading my comment! Have a great day!

I am also very anxious to here about life as a recruiter’s wife as my husband and I are about to embark on that adventure as well.

I am a USAREC whistleblower and settled out of court with USAREC and the Army. My settlement is confidential and I can offer only one thing – never compromise your integrity. Good luck and God bless you all no matter your religion or lack of it. Enjoy this beautiful holiday season. Best wishes to the blog owner – yes, I noticed your posts were missing this past year and I understand your explanation. You have a flair for writing – best wishes always.

I remember reading your blog as we started the journey into recruiting and now we are in our final 6 months (Thank God). For all of those who are reading this blog, please, please, do everything you can to keep your marriage strong. Protect it. The hours will be long (no matter what anyone says), the days will be trying, and there will be times that you will think that there will be time later for just the two of you, or romance. Don’t wait. No matter how tired you are or stressed or frustrated, make time for your marriage.

Trust me, I know how this will sound, but if your marriage can make it through recruiting, it can make it through anything. My husband and I went through three deployments to Iraq, 12, 13, and 15 months. And I am here to tell you that recruiting has been harder on us than all three deployments put together. We almost didn’t make it, and I thought we had one of the strongest marriages out there.

So remember what I said, protect your marriages, and stay connected and you will make it through.

I can only say good luck. I went into recruiting when I returned from Vietnam. Took me 5 minutes to get in and 5 years to get out. I knew where the bodies were buried, so to speak, I was ‘finally relieved’ from recruiting duty with a promotion and an MSM. Don’t play their games…….

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